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About Al Rail Tools

No matter the size of the task or project, Al Rail Hand Tools has what you need regardless of demand. We are among the leading distributors of industrial tools and their spare parts (electrical and mechanical) in Riyadh. We have successfully traded for more than five years with a reliability and quality assurance legacy. We as an organisation are in efforts to stamp a unique perspective on our market in terms of adopting evolutions in technology, spare parts and supply-chain requirements 365 *7. We offer over 25000 products from leading international brands. Our product offerings include Hand Tools, Power Tools, Welding Machines, Hydraulic cylinders and a range of Power Tool Accessories and essential supplies for your business.

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Welcome to Al Rail Hand Tools. We are the market leader for power tools and accessories in the UAE industrial ecosystem. The core success factor of our products is the innovative strength of the range, durability, ease of use, comfort of carrying, and hassle-free maintenance. Customers, clients and stakeholders expect a lot while holding the goodwill, experience, and expertise. Hence, each day we strive to elevate our speed of services, reliability, competence. The professional power tools from Al Rail are engineered for excellence – meeting the highest standards in speed, precision and robustness for great, professional work results.


  • To ultimately become the quality and cost-effective benchmark providers offering the widest range of Professional Tools Kits.
  • To become among the first providers who work towards safest and most environment-friendly quality packaging at the best rates.
  • To be known as a “One Stop Solution” for customers looking for a wide variety of quality tools, no matter the project’s magnitude.
  • We are currently focusing on OEMS and tender inquiries with special tools.
  • Al Rail is aligning its aim keeping in mind Saudi Vision 2030 so that we can be an active participant in achieving the rapid diversification and growth of the Economy. ​


  •  Sledge, Cross Pein, Ball Pein, Brass, Dead blow, Claw, PU, and Copper Hammers.
  • Power tools like Hilti, Grinder, Drill, Battery Drill, Air Compressor, etc 
  • Chisels, Centre punches in different sizes and types.
  • Double-ended, Combination, Tubular, and Ring Spanners.
  • Truck Wheel wrenches, Hook Wrenches, Pipe Wrenches, Torque Wrenches, etc
  • Wire rope cutters and Bolt Cutters up to 1200 mm 
  • Aviation Cutters, Cable Cutters, Rebar Cutter, and Pipe bender
  • A comprehensive array of Sockets and its accessories.
  • A wide variety of Screw Drivers.​